Bio-Modeling Systems: The Mechanisms-Based Mecidicine Company a leading Integrative Heuristic Systems Biology / Predictive Integrative Biology company that delivers
  • 2016: ANNOUNCEMENT: May 31, 2016: Theranexus, CEA Life Sciences' spin-off exploiting CEA/BMSystems' copatent WO/2010/029131, in CNS therapies in Biotech Info (page 11)

  • 2016: ANNOUNCEMENT: May 9, 2016: CMC-Strategy Forum Europe. Manuel GEA Chairman Adebiotech and CEO BMSystems invited to present French biotech / Bioproduction Competitiveness and BMSystems' best practices. download

  • 2016: ANNOUNCEMENT: April 7, 2016: Genople center: BMSystems invited to present: A smart data approach to change the discovery paradigm. Presentation of CADI™-discovery programs and technology.

  • 2016: PRESS-RELEASE Paris march 30, 2016:  Theranexus, CEA Life Sciences' spin-off exploiting CEA/BMSystems' copatent WO/2010/029131, in CNS therapies, announced Preclinical results published in the specialist medical journal Sleep and the Phase II entry of its combined drug THN102

  • 2016: ANNOUNCEMENT: March 16, 2016; BMSystems invited to the Adebiotech conference to present its CADI Discovery paradigm to fight againt multiresistance infections 

  • 2016: ANNOUNCEMENT: Februray 12, 2016 Berlin: BMSystems invited to the Conference "IP in Life Sciences Digital Health" to present CADI Discovery answers to big data issues and biases in scientific publications

  • 2015: ANNOUNCEMENT: December 7, 2015: BMSystems invited to present its CADI Discovery program in allergy: A systems approach to identify weak allergens/sensitizers capable of synergistic effects
  • 2015: ANNOUNCEMENT : November 27, 2015: BMSystems invited to present its industrial biotech / synthetic biology strategy and achievements at the Synthetic Biology Conference organized by AllEnvi  that represent the leading research insitutions in France dedicated to the environment issues

  • 2015:PRESS-RELEASE New-York October 27-28 2015: The Galien Foundation selects BMSystems for the MedStartUp Award program first step during the US Galien Prize Forum in New-York.This event brings together top cutting-edge companies where innovation, scientific excellence and creative commercial goals are of utmost importance. Download the pitch
  • 2015: PRESS-RELEASE: September 9, 2015 Paris: A world's first: Pherecydes Pharma, BMSystems' Spin-off, launches multicenter Phase I/II clinical study of phage therapy in fighting sensitive antibiotic-resistant infections in serious burn victims -FR version

  • 2015: Publication: Cosmetics skincare: Alternative to Animal Testing: Harnessing system-level modeling to effectively alleviate the needs for animal testing.Cosmetics

  • 2015: PRESS-RELEASE: July 15, 2015 Paris:Theranexus, spin-off of CEA life Sciences, announces the success the THN102 Phase I and the launch of the efficacy Phase  program in Narcolepsy a rare disease. Theranexus was created by CEA's research team to exploit BMSystems-CEA copaptent FR version 

  • 2015: Inaugural Presentation Bio-Entrepreneur 2015: The future will be digital and biology, but who will lead? Google? Watson? Alone or MDs, Physiologists, Biologists educating and mastering them combining diagnostics, therapies, connected devices and IT technologies?

Bio-Modeling Systems: a leading Integrative Heuristic Systems Biology / Predictive Integrative Biology company that delivers

Correct understanding of life mechanisms makes novel integrated diagnostics, therapies & preventive solutions discovery smarter, faster & cheaper for healthcare, diagnostic, health technologies, nutrition, and cosmetics!

Bio-Modeling Systems is the world’s first Mechanisms-Based medicine company that changed the discovery paradigm to create novel medical meanings from unreliable heterogeneous sources of data to generate validated & directly exploitable first in class heuristic non-mathematical mechanistic CADI™ Discovery models.

Created in 2004, profitable since 2006, thanks to our recurrent clients, our patented collaborative discoveries already led to:

  1. A world's first in neurodegenerative diseases (publication) with CEA: 2 awards in the US & Europe

  1. Pherecydes-Pharma: BMSystems' spin-off, MR infections therapies,  publication, world's first clinical trial with phages in Phase I/II,

  2. Theranexus: CEA Life Sciences' spin-off exploiting  CEA/BMSystems' copatent  WO/2010/029131, in CNS therapies, successful Phase I,  Phase II entry.  

We warmly invite your to download our  6 pages management sumary,  our Short corporate Presentation or our Full Presentation with all non confidential details our 9 POCs in details.

The life-modeling issue


BMSystems’ solutions to critical & high impact R&D and business issues

Invented and operated by our Biologists, CADI™* Discovery is, since 2004, the world's first and only to date operational "Mechanisms-based Medicine" platform that proposes:

  1. robust decision making support for R&D and Business, and

  2. the discovery of cost-effective lower risk patentable novel integrated solutions,

*CADI™ : Computer Assisted Deductive Integration